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GDPR is approaching

Are you ready for 25 May 2018?

Personal Data

Are your clients & employees protected?

Strategic management 4.0

Strategy = action! How come?

Jak neztratit mladé zaměstnance příliš rychle?

Inzeráty na pracovní místa nabízejí stále obdobné benefity, postupně jich také přibývá. Přesto si firmy v dnešní nízké nezaměstnanosti zaměstnance přetahují. A také složitě přitahují. Často za nabídku horentních finančních odměn pro své stávající pracovníky, kteří je přivedou, jakož i specializované firmy. Jak  po dlouhá léta ukazují marketingové i psychologické výzkumy, když je něčeho více, […]

Blog for Bearable Companies (CZ)

Data & Privacy Professional

Law + Management + Security

Family Mediation

Are you able to make an agreement without a judge?

Breakup Rituals

Not a couple anymore, but still parents?

Coaching in Motion

Closer to your feelings while dancing and moving?

Stres ve školním roce

Školní rok se už zase rozeběhl. Zase ranní vstávání za tmy, chystání svačin, kontroly úkolů, hledání zapomenutých školních potřeb, rozvážení dětí na kroužky a večer padák do postele, opět za tmy. Děti zlobí a žadoní o pozornost během dne, jejich tatínkové ještě víc, navíc v pozdních večerních hodinách. Oproti prázdninám, kdy se program pro děti […]

Blog for Responsible Parents (CZ)

What we bring to our clients?

Jiří is versed in management skills helping people and teams to implement all the up-to-date legal privacy standards. Be it inside the company or in its wider environment.

Instead of getting ahead individually, in the interest of our clients Jiří, he closely cooperates with IT security experts.


In the recent 8 years these companies, associations and institutions from diverse industries have used his services:

Blockmasters Technology
Scheys Beton
Westblock Systems

Innovations & technologyConstruction technology from the USA or Belgium, CAD design or unique outdoor materials

Brána ke zdraví
Klasek Tea
Zentrichova apatyka

Well-beingBody purification in sauna or through herbs, premium quality tea from Asia, healthy food for both people & dogs

Bankovní institut Vysoká škola
Vysoká škola regionálního rozvoje
Výzkumný ústav zemědělské techniky

Colleges & researchPractical higher education in Prague, strategic research in technical agricultar, regional development & management

H.J.Chapman Law office
hm partners

ConsultantsPublic policies & legal consultancy in Brussels, marketing communication, British attorney, EU funds & lean management experts

Art of Change
Caledonian School
Montessori centrum Kralupy
Top Vision

Private educationMerging companies as well as elite coaches both providing training in corporate environment or unique private kindergarden

CDP Ivory
DUFA kamna
Ivory Energy
Mayr Melnhof

Sustainable energyFIreplaces, innovative wooden pelets distribution & export, energy savings & sustainable heating plants

European Values think-tank
League of Human Rights
Ratolest Brno
UNIPA – Midwives Union

NGOsSecurity think-tank, community work with Roma children, fair trade, Academy for School Principals or dignified childbirths

CZ Biom – Czech Biomass Association
Biogas Cluster
Czech Pellets Cluster
NANOASOCIACE – Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association

Associations of companies & research institutionsBiomass, biotechnologies & nanotechnologies

Garden Carriers

StartupsGreen wall technology for urban areas, wooden healthy products, fantastic cards, baby carriers & online experimental metalearning

Where companies typically get added value from us?

CPS Facilitation

Creative problems solving (CPS) supported by 60 years of ongoing scientifical research decreases conflicts and increases the creativity of all employees. We are bringing our knowledge and practical techniques to transform problems into innovation opportunities.

Creative Climate = Success

The climate of the company, unit or branch is possible to measure, change and thus manage. Changing culture is much tougher. Over 50 years of scientific research have shown that every institution is able to establish a creative climate to innovate and grow.

Serious Conflict at Work? Mediation!

Long-lasting personal animosities at the workplace? Labour law dispute? Invite impartial English speaking mediators with legal education and a deep understanding of both companies and people.

ISO 26000: For Accountable Companies

How seriously does your company take commitments vis-à-vis society? Implement complex and practical ISO 26 000. 7 core subjects, 37 criteria, social, economic & environmental dimension.

Communicate from within

Your brand starts within. So the communication strategy. We creatively guide companies to strengthen their integrity first. Build your external communication on solid internal principles without the need of costly PR services.

Why generation Y?

Do the young employees in Central Europe see the purpose, work and its environment in the same way as their superiors? Why do they leave your company, how they differ? Link motivation with values and pull together.


Jiří Kopal: +420 775 067 108, jiri.kopal@manofi.cz

Billing Adress: MANOFI, s.r.o., V Zahrádkách 471, 252 66 Libčice nad Vltavou, Czech Republic, VAT number: CZ29266483

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